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Version 1.1.7
23 April 2011

MS Windows

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Source code:

1.1.7 (23 April 2011)
  • Dutch translation.
  • Bugfix: With some programs, the attached file could not be opened using "Edit with external program" button ("Error generating open command" error).
  • Improvements in text extraction and indexing, especially in webpage items.
  • Improvements in stop words handling.
  • Bugfix: Adding an item using toolbar immediately after a drag-n-drop operation caused crash.
1.1.6 (2 March 2011)
  • Feature: Search highlighting: searched terms are highlighted in resulting items.
  • Improvement: Better full-text search indexing of webpages.
  • Improvement: Context menu in Rich text items.
  • Improvement: Rich text: bullets and numbering now look better.
  • Bugfix: Rich text: unchanged items would sometimes show as changed.
  • Improvement: Cosmetic installer improvements
  • Bugfix: If Smereka was kept running for a very long time, log files in the temporary directory might become big.
  • Bugfix: Cut-and-Paste left the source item in the "deleted" state after the operation (now it is purged completely).
  • Translation: Russian
1.1.5 (25 September 2010)
  • Fixed harmless (but annoying) error message that might pop up during Smereka startup on Windows 7 in non-elevated mode.
  • Fix: mousewheel was not working in the webpage items.
  • Added a vertical scroll bar to reminder and file items. This will prevent important controls from hiding when the item window is non-fullscreen (there are tags or search results also present).
  • The tag panel looks OK even if the window is very narrow (it switches to a simpler layout).
  • More thought out and user-friendly text messages in 2 places.
1.1.4 (10 August 2010)
  • Tag autocomplete and tag suggestion drop-down while typing tags.
  • Tag selection button on the tag panel (you can pick tags from a list if you don't want to type).
  • Tags can be saved by hitting ENTER in the tag editing text box.
  • When you change tags and navigate to another item without saving them, you'll be prompted to save.
  • Fixed annoying bug that sometimes made the tag panel disappear after resizing the window.
1.1.3 (13 July 2010)
  • The list of recently opened databases is now available in the File menu.
  • Keyboard navigation improvement: F5 and F7 navigate to the tree pane and the item view, respectively.
  • Keyboard navigation improvement: the tree pane now supports navigating by arrow keys (when it's focused).
  • Recycle Bin window automatically updates when it should.
1.1.2 (21 March 2010)
  • Backup creation of database before its opening is now off by default. Improves loading times for large databases. You can turn it on in the Settings dialog.
1.1.1 (10 January 2010)
  • swedish translation of reminders;
  • new small feature: when entering "find by name" query, you can now use "up", "down" and "enter" keys to select an item from the emerging list (like address bars of browsers). Previously you had to use the mouse to select an item.
1.1.0 (12 November 2009)
  • new feature: reminders (read more);
  • successfully tested on Windows 7.
1.0.1 (21 October 2009)
  • added Swedish interface language (translation by Lasse Claesson);
  • the "window" menu in the main window is now translated as well (in Swedish and Ukrainian);
  • Plugin SDK - modified the project files to fix sample plugin deployment problems on clean machines.
1.0.0 (15 October 2009)
  • redesigned, extensible and filanlized plugin system;
  • Smereka plugin SDK;
  • minor bugfixes and enhancements.
Details on release 1.0.0

(10 September 2009)
  • bugfix: temporary files were not deleted after a file from a file item was opened with the default program;
  • bugfix: after import, you could not save the description of a file item. It was possible to modify and save the description only after reopening the database;
  • unintended feature: you could edit deleted items if there were reference items that pointed to these delete items. This is now blocked.
0.9.17 (28 August 2009)
  • bugfix: "Jump to reference source" was enabled when no database was opened. Using this menu in this case lead to crash;
  • enhancement: entire text extraction module is now protected against crashes in third-party IFilters. (Text extraction is activated when you import a file or a webpage as an item.) Now a crash in IFilters won't bring down Smereka.
0.9.16 (29 June 2009)
  • feature: context menu in "save all" dialog lets forcefully close an item or jump to the item editor
0.9.15 (22 June 2009)
  • feature: the new "reference" data type, which which allows a single item to belong to multiple branches (see Help for details)
0.9.14 (6 June 2009)
  • bugfix: open a database, then open another database in the same window - possible crash (bug was introduced in 0.9.13). Thanks everyone who reported!
0.9.13 (25 May 2009)
  • a context menu in the tag view is now present, leading to the "add and remove tags" dialog
  • feature: "quick find by name" (look under the tree pane)
0.9.12 (18 May 2009)
  • tag view auto-refreshes on any tag-related change
  • feature: "add and remove tags" dialog to modify tags of multiple items at once
  • tags now may contain non-alphanumeric characters (except for commas)
  • fixed assertion failure (crash) in the icons dialog after double-clicking a multiple selection (yes, it's possible to do)
  • files of common text-based formats (like source code or batch files) are now imported as Text type, not File type
0.9.11 (21 April 2009)
  • fixed crash on loading long rich texts
0.9.10 (17 April 2009)
  • added a set of icons for usage in databases
  • opening the same database twice (in different instances) is now forbidden
0.9.9 (15 April 2009)
  • translated help to English
  • added plugin interface version control
0.9.8 (8 March 2009)
  • fix: search query with stopwords in uppercase caused no search results
  • fix: tag search in tags window was not exact; substrings and superstrings would match
  • optimization in tag search
0.9.7 (22 February 2009)
  • copy-paste between databases now transfers icons
  • feature: export branch to Smereka database
  • "modification date" is now only updated when the item content is changed (not label or tag etc)
  • fix: stopwords in search query caused search to return no results
  • fix: copy-pasting did not always preserve item order
  • fix: tags window displayed deleted items
0.9.6 (18 February 2009)
  • fix: cancelled rename would change item's modification date
  • fix: in branches with deleted items, shift up/down was not always effective
0.9.5 (15 February 2009)
  • bugfix: the "modification date" wouldn't update on item save
0.9.4 (4 February 2009)
  • search inside revisions and deleted items
  • recycle bin
  • bugfix: deleting and undeleting an item with revisions would turn the revisions into visible items
  • bugfix: undeleted branches were not displaying children
  • worked around adobe PDF IFilter 6 crash on application exit
0.9.3 (2 February 2009):
  • search fix
  • better Advanced search dialog
0.9.2 (31 January 2009):
  • feature: advanced search dialog
  • feature: search within separate branches
0.9.1 (16 January 2009):
  • feature: recursive import of disk folders
  • fix: focus lost after Alt+Tabbing
  • fix: crash after cancelled item rename
  • fix: some versions of MS Word would fail to open files via "Open with default program" if the filename contained spaces.
  • fix: purging revisions resulted in strange renderer effects
0.9.0 (12 December 2008)
  • first release